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I have been meaning to build a proper Dalek hoverbout for a while. And in this case at least, I do mean hoverbout, not trans-solar disc. This is supposed to be the first iteration of the device, so I’ve tried to tailor it to be as close to the first appearance in TV21’s Dalek Chronicles, while adding in things like air-breathing vents to suggest something a little more primitive than the later, interstellar versions.


Dalek sells magazines at Coventry University in rare 1964 Doctor Who video

Fifty years ago, Daleks were roaming the streets…selling magazines at universities?

It might seem a little unbelievable but this amazing clip from 1964 shows one of the Time Lord ‘s greatest foes rolling round Coventry.

Released by British Pathé, the archive clip shows a remote controlled version of the fearsome robot helping students by selling the university’s rag magazine to passersby.

It was all in the air of charity, and Dalek’s carrying out jobs in the street is undoubtedly something we need to see more of.

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Coventry Broadgate 1981 (Coventry, England) by bungalowbill50 on Flickr.

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Lady Godiva was an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. The name “Peeping Tom” for a voyeur originates from later versions of this legend in which a man named Tom had watched her ride and was struck blind or dead.

Lady Godiva was the wife of Leofric, Earl of MerciaThey had one proved son Aelfgar, Earl of Mercia. Lady Godiva’s name occurs in charters and the Domesday survey, though the spelling varies. 

According to the popular story, Lady Godiva took pity on the people of Coventry, who were suffering grievously under her husband’s oppressive taxation. Lady Godiva appealed again and again to her husband, who obstinately refused to remit the tolls. At last, weary of her entreaties, he said he would grant her request if she would strip naked and ride through the streets of the town. Lady Godiva took him at his word and, after issuing a proclamation that all persons should stay indoors and shut their windows, she rode through the town, clothed only in her long hair. Just one person in the town, a tailor ever afterwards known as Peeping Tom, disobeyed her proclamation in one of the most famous instances of voyeurism. In the story, Tom bores a hole in his shutters so that he might see Godiva pass, and is struck blind. In the end, Godiva’s husband keeps his word and abolishes the onerous taxes.

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Nardò Ring, Nardò, Italy

Amazon Rainforest deforestationPara, Brazil

Terraced rice paddies, Yunnan, China

Soybean fields, São Domingos, Brazil 

Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine, Pilbara, Australia

Alang Ship-breaking yards, Gujarat, India

Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain

Oil Extraction Wells, Texas

Vineyards, Huelva, Spain

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i’m just going to leave this here 

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The Girl Who Walked the Earth by atlantiss505

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) - Doctor Who

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Key to Time - Classic Dr Who by TheMightySpud

The Key to Time from the Tom Baker Era

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